Chicken Shopping List

Here is a quick beginners check list of some of the items you may need before buying your chickens,

  • Books on Caring and keeping Chickens
  • You can beat an egg but not a good Book, something like, “The Essential Guide to Choosing and Keeping Happy, Healthy Hens” by Suzie Baldwin is good one to start
  • Coop and Run
  • There are many Chicken coops available to buy in a many shapes and sizes or you may just prefer to build your own.
  • Feed
  • Chick crumb, Growers or Layers pellets, depends on the age of chickens you buy, there are are also many brands to choose from “Heygates”, “Badminton” and more. Find out when buying your chickens.
  • Scratch foods mixed corn
  • Feeders and drinkers
  • These are widely available
  • Treats
  • Grit or oyster shell
  • Oyster shell grit should always be available, your hens will know them selves when they need it.
  • Grit feeder or coop cup
  • Bedding shavings and straw
  • Mite Powder
  • Louse powder
  • Food additives, tonics, parasite control
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