Housing Chickens

Whitechicken coop

Chickens will happily live outside most of the time, but they do need housing in a strong secure weatherproof coop to keep them warm and dry during bad weather and safe from predators, such as badgers and foxes at night.

They need to feel safe and secure, so they can lay their eggs in peace. Choose a coop as large as possible, allow at least 45cm² per chicken.

The coop should have nest boxes and removable perches.

The perches should be higher than the nest boxes.

A large door and a droppings board under the perches are ideal for making cleaning out easy.

The chickens will have access to the coop via a little door that should be closed and secured at night.

Ideally your chickens should be allowed to wonder about in your garden but if they can’t, they need a good sized run allow 1m² per chicken. The larger the better and move it regularly.

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