Which Chickens and how many?

Brown Hen and Bantem

Brown Hen and Bantem

Good question: – A singular hen won’t be happy they need company, so you should have at least two, four to six hens will provide enough eggs for a family.

If you want good egg layers choose cross-breeds or hybrids for example Isa Brown, Black Rock or White Star. These are a good choice for starting with, they are easy to look after and suitable for the average back garden.

Isa Brown

The Isa Brown is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White. A medium sized brown bird. It is known for the large amount of eggs it can provide approximately 300 brown eggs per hen in the first year.

Black Rock

The Black Rock is a cross between Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock. A black bird with brown markings around its neck. It is a placid hardy bird and can provide approximately 250 brown eggs a year.

White Star

The White Star is a Dutch bred Leghorn hybrid. A small white bird with a large comb. Placid in nature so ideal as a pet. It can provide approximately 320 eggs a year.

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